Mains Powered Wi-Safe 2 Heat Alarm


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Mains Powered Wi-Safe 2 Heat Alarm
Quick Overview

The FireAngel Pro WHT-230 is a class A1 mains powered heat alarm with wireless RF interlink. This alarm is best suited for kitchens, garages and loft spaces. Wi-Safe 2 technology allows you to wirelessly interlink the alarms together in a network, perfect for where a physical connection is not feasible. Featuring a sealed, lithium back-up battery, the WHT-230 will continue to power the alarm in the event of mains failure. Designed to last the lifetime of the alarm, the battery will never need replacing. The WHT-230 is capable of communicating on a wireless network of up to 50 alarms in the range.


  • 10 year lithium battery back-up – no need to worry about changing the battery
  • Wi-Safe 2 – wirelessly interlink up to 50 alarms on a single network – when one sounds they all sound
  • Class A1 heat sensor 54°C to 65°C
  • Modern design
  • Low profile base with easy installation
  • Combined central test, silence and locate button
  • Ultra slim, integrated mounting base for easy installation
  • Intelligent locate feature – silence all but the initiating alarm on a network

Can be used on a network of battery and mains powered products, using both hardwire interconnected and wirelessly interlinked products

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