10 Year Thermoptek Smoke Alarm


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10 Year Thermoptek Smoke Alarm
Quick Overview

Our ST-622 10 year Thermoptek smoke alarm comes complete with a 10 year sealed for life battery. The Toast Proof alarm features ‘Sleep Easy’ functionality, allowing you to silence low battery warnings for 8 hours (ideal if the low battery chirp occurs at night).

  • The first 10 year, battery powered smoke alarm with 'sleep-easy' functionality and ground breaking Thermoptek inside.
  • The 'sleep-easy' function allows the warning chirp to be temporarily silenced for 8 hours when the alarm starts to reach it's end of life, by simply pressing the test button. Ideal for times when it's inconvenient to replace the alarm e.g. at night, but when smoke detection is still required.
  • The 'sleep-easy' function can be activated 10 times, providing sufficient time to get the alarm replaced (recommended within 7 days).
  • The Thermoptek™ technology in the ST-622 provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm and removes the need for ionisation alarms.
  • Thermoptek™ technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm.
  • The 10 year sealed for life lithium battery prevents any tampering with the alarm.
  • Certified to BSEN 14604:2005.

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